Green vertical steel wall design.

The Project

The new trend opened worldwide with the Green Deal politics is enhancing topics such as sustainability and Natural Based Solutions to be adopted in cities for climate control and inhabitants’ wellbeing. Green walls technology fits to this purpose and is widely spreading all-over.
As in the case of curtain walls, steel allows reduced sizes for mullions and transoms, enhancing the architectural aspects and represents the ideal material to be used for the structural parts of the green walls. The aim of GREENVESTS is to provide information ready to be applied by the Steel Industry. The lack of design standards is presently a problem for the design of the structural parts of green-walls.
Research is needed to produce experimental evidence leading to the formulation of design guidelines in terms of Seismic design, Wind design and Corrosion design. These guidelines might lead in the future to the formulation of a harmonized product standard.
The sooner Steel will be recognised as the optimal material for green wall applications (supported by research results and design guidelines) the better will be in terms of establishing a dominant position in the market, hence in terms of economic benefits for the Steel Industry.
Such objective can be achieved only through a cooperation among Steel Industry, Green Walls Producers, Professional Architects/Landscape Architects/Botanists and Structural Engineers, as well as Research Laboratories and Institutions.

A team work

The proposal aims to promote the use of steel green façade application to buildings to improve the energy performance according to EPB Directive and green infrastructure EU policies. Therefore, partners of GREENVESTS Consortium offer all the different expertise, skills and facilities required for such a multistep project and extensive experience in the steel sector:
R&D Centers and Institutes having the most advanced instruments, equipment and developed methodologies for the materials analyses, testing and modelling (CSM SPA, RWTH Aachen, NTUA).
A Steel Manufacturer, AM Legutio, belonging to ArcelorMittal Tubular Products – AMTP – Europe Division within ArcelorMittal, the world’s leading steel and mining company. In particular, AM Legutio is engaged with the manufacturing of welded steel tubes for diverse applications.
One Steelworker experienced in the manufacturing and installation of steel green systems: ItalMesh srl.
Three Engineering Companies, respectively experienced in Structural Design, Design of Green Walls and NBS, Fire Engineering (FINCONIT, J&G, FSC). One Engineering Company experienced in sustainable growth and third party certification services (RINA-C). One Industry producing dowels and connections systems for curtain walls (HITLI). An Industrial Association (ECCS). The Partners of the Consortium belong to six different EU Member Countries: Belgium, Cyprus, Germany, Greece, Italy and Spain.
Thanks to the operational capacity of the partners the project results will be achieved and steel green façade systems prototyped will be qualified in terms of benefits in terms of energy savings and air quality improvement. Guidelines and recommendations for the application will be produced able to provide parameters, data and methods for design the steel green façade and quantify environmental benefits related to the application.

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Zero Gravity Eden: the living modular wall – courtesy of ItalMesh

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The GREENVESTS project received funding from the European Union's RFCS-2022 Research and Innovation programme under Grant Agreement No 101112158.