Kick Off Meeting

On 13 and 14 July, we hosted with great satisfaction the Kick-off meeting of the European project GREENVESTS – Project funded from the EU Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under GA No. 101112158.

The Consortium composed of 12 partners from different European countries (GREECE – ITALY – SPAIN – CYPRUS – GERMANY – BELGIUM) met in Montirone at ItalMesh’s headquarters and opened the table for work and discussion after being welcomed by Project Officer Dermot Buttle, whom we thank for attending and following the initial work activities, and the Project Coordinator, prof. Eng. Carlo Andrea Castiglioni. It was an honour for us to open the doors of our Italian company to a future that aims at the preservation of the ecosystem, promotes sustainable development, and wants to restore biodiversity. As a company we are deeply committed with our Research & Development program, characterised by an ongoing and passionate effort.

The theme of the project is to study green vertical fa├žade technologies (Nature-based solutions), which includes our patented Zero Gravity Eden system, green walls designed to improve buildings and, on an urban level, the performance of cities, which in recent years are suffering more and more from Climate Change.
Steel together with vegetation represents a new frontier that GREENVESTS will achieve.