Work Package 5

Fire resistance and propagation analyses


Month 13 – Month 36

Lead Beneficiary Number and Lead Participant

4 (No.)


The goal of this work package is to reduce the risk of fire propagation through the façade and to guarantee the escape of occupants and the intervention of rescue teams by designing properly the green wall. This includes the right choice of materials and greenery, and proper design of details to ensure the integrity of the structure in case of fire.


Task 5.1 – Fire Resistance Analyses
The impact the green walls on the velocity of spread of flames in case of fire will first be assessed through computational fluid dynamics (CFD) based on various parameters like height and particular shape and dimensions. Moreover, the temperature distribution and the structural fire behaviour of the metal substructure will be evaluated. Finally, the design of protection elements such as screens and overhangs will be considered.

Task 5.2 – Fire Propagation Analyses (to Upper Levels)
Following the CFD analyses, finite elements modelling will be used to predict the behaviour of the façade with the green wall in case of fire and evaluate its stability. This will be used mainly for the design of metal elements such as the anchors to avoid the collapse of parts or the entirety of the wall.

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The GREENVESTS project received funding from the European Union's RFCS-2022 Research and Innovation programme under Grant Agreement No 101112158.