Work Package 7

Recommendations and Guidelines


Month 40 – Month 54

Lead Beneficiary Number and Lead Participant

1 (No.)


This work package objective is to develop guidelines for the design, installation, and energy performance assessment of steel green facades. It includes recommendations for structural elements and their connections to the building, material selection, vegetation choices, parameters for energy performance calculation, fire resistance analyse and guidance on scenarios to consider in fire propagation analyses.


Taks 7.1 – Architectural & Structural Design Recommendations & Guidelines
The experimental data and analysis will be structured aligned with relevant standards for structural design and connections (e.g. EN1993 and EN 1998). These design guidelines and recommendations will be designed to assist in dimensioning the supporting structural elements of steel green facades and their connections to buildings considering exceptional loads like earthquakes and wind forces and fire loading conditions.

Taks 7.2 – Durability Design Recommendations & Guidelines
The analysis conducted in WP2, WP3, and WP4 will lead up to creation of guidelines and recommendations for material selection in the context of steel green facade applications covering various aspects including: Steel grade and surface treatment, Structural configuration and connection details, Vegetation choices and the associated maintenance requirements

Taks 7.3 – Recommendation for Energy Performance calculation
To prepare Energy Performance Design Recommendations & Guidelines, different steel green facade systems will be outfitted with thermal parameters meeting the criteria outlined in the EPB Directive 2018/844, UNI/TS 11300, and EN ISO 6946. This alignment will enable applicants engaged in renovation or new construction to get eventually available financial support for Energy Performance Buildings.

Taks 7.4 – Recommendations for Fire Resistance and Fire Propagation Analyses
The outcomes of WP5 will be consolidated into a Recommendation & Guideline document serving as a reference for the Fire Design of Vertical Green Walls. This document, based on CFDs and FEM analyses, will include a specialized fire risk assessment tool assisting to determine the appropriate solutions such as integration of passive fire resistance elements to be employed in the design of green facades.

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