Work Package 2

Assessment of design criteria


Month 1 – Month 24

Lead Beneficiary Number and Lead Participant

1 (No.)


The objective is to specify conditions for optimizing the vertical garden system, including installation for new and existing buildings, exceptional load effects (wind, earthquake, fire), maintenance, durability, air quality, and energy-efficient building envelope integration. The end result will be specimen designs for wind and earthquake testing (in WP3) and analysis of fire resistance and propagation scenarios (in WP7).


Task 2.1 – Architectural & Structural Design Criteria
The gathering and analysis of both existing and missing design parameters used in the current practice for verifying the structural integrity of green walls, along with the architectural criteria for design, will be the primary focus. Emphasis will be placed on identifying inadequate or questionable models and design values and their limited suitability for green walls. Moreover, an examination of structural solutions for both new and existing building scenarios will be conducted.

Task 2.2 – Design criteria for Maintenance & Durability objectives
In this task, current and possible factors that affect the durability and maintenance needs of green walls will be gathered and assessed. When designing a vertical garden with a focus on maintenance and durability, it’s crucial to consider the interaction effects resulting from the combination of materials, subsoil, plants, irrigation, and fertilizers, which, when exposed to water, may enhance the steel corrosion process.

Task 2.3 – Design of test specimens
According to the established design criteria, four mock-ups of steel supported green walls will be created for testing in WP3. These mock-ups will encompass two installation configurations: a) on a flat facade; b) at a building corner. They will also include two distinct structural solutions: c) vertical mullions extending from the ground up; d) vertical mullions not resting on the ground, essentially a “suspended” vertical green wall supported by the building.

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The GREENVESTS project received funding from the European Union's RFCS-2022 Research and Innovation programme under Grant Agreement No 101112158.